ABC News Live Update: Trump makes 1st appearance since Capitol siege

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trump makes 1st appearance since Capitol siege

Good morning I’m Diana stayed out thanks for streaming with us in today’s update we are seeing a president for the first time since last week’s capitol stage as the house prepares for an unprecedented second impeachment inquiry. The president left the White House moments ago headed for the US Mexico border he’s visiting Milwaukee high art highs building throughout his administration. It’s worth noting president trump has not made any public statements since his Twitter account was permanently suspended Friday night. But president trump did finally speaking of vice president Mike Pence yesterday in their first meeting since last week’s each. We’ll have won that conversation and moment. We’re also seeing new disturbing images in the capital last week including a video of writers telling a fire extinguisher at capitol police. Security is ramping up in DC as we learn about new threats against Joseph Biden come on Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It’s just eight days to go until the inauguration. And as he heads in the US Mexico border president trump is speaking publicly after days of silence. White House correspondent Eric Philips joins me now for more on that cure what does the president have to say. And why take this trip now. Right now for so let’s get to what he said we’ve decided not to even air it because what he said was just simply. I think delusional is the best way to put it and that’s of course what critics are saying now as soon as they heard his words. Because he actually said to reporters. May we don’t you know who today are. Looked at my speech looked at my words and I have no regrets and I said nothing that was inappropriate. I think we just need to. To move on because that that that is just simply. Not true when you look at what happened last week and is just completely disrespectful. To those who died in the violence that took place up on capitol Capitol Hill so let’s move on to why he’s making this trip. Look I mean he’s trying to save his legacy bright he’s heading to Alamo. Texas not to be confused with the Alamo by the way and you know he’s speaking to eat it be his base I mean the core issue. During his his campaigning and when he did step in to office was that he was going to be. Build a quote big beautiful wall and he was going to keep the Mexicans out and you remember all the controversy. Surrounding the he’s trying to go somewhere where he thinks okay they’ll pay attention to me this is a big part my legacy this was when my big promises to the country.

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