ABC News Live Update: President Trump faces unprecedented 2nd impeachment

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Trump faces unprecedented 2nd impeachment

Good morning I’m Diane this data thanks for streaming with us in today’s update in a little under half an hour. The house only in an attempt to impeach president trump for a second time something that’s never happened in American history. Democrats released a report in the wake of last week siege of the capital claiming president trumped. There is a threat to national security and unfit to remain in office but unlike last time several top Republicans are supporting impeachment including. The number three Republican in the house congressman. Does Cheney team what to expect that’s it all unfolds. Plus a major security changes coming to Capitol Hill with just a week until inauguration day thousands of army National Guard members will be stationed around the capital. Get the latest on security updates and new details about possible demonstrations around the country. And the US is hitting more grim records in the pandemic cases hospitalizations and deaths are all at record highs. 4327. Americans died from cove at nineteen yesterday alone. But vaccinations are picking up with massive sites opening around the country including this one at Disneyland in California but is it enough. Our medical expert is standing by. We begin with the president on the verge of being impeached for an unprecedented second time after vice president pence declined to invoke the 25 amendment. To strip him of his powers take a live look at the White House for president trump is waking up this morning just one week left in his term. And just moments from now the house will meet under heavy security a 76 page report from the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee. Says the president betrayed his oath and remains a threat to national security and democracy. And is therefore quote. Unfit to remain in office a single day longer. Can for the first time now top Republicans are supporting impeachment Mary Bruce has the latest from Capitol Hill. This morning Republican support for president trump is crumbling. The number three Republican in the house Liz Cheney announcing she’ll vote to impeach. Saying there is never been a greater betrayal by a president of the united states of his office and his oath to the constitution. Blistering an unequivocal. Cheney sending a powerful message to our party. Saying trump summoned to this mob assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. Everything that followed was he is doing none of this would have happened without the president at least five Republicans are now on record saying they will vote to impeach. While in the senate trump is losing the support of the Republican leader. ABC news learning that Mitch McConnell also believes the president committed impeachable offenses.

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