ABC News Live Update: America hits deadliest day of the pandemic

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: America hits deadliest day of the pandemic

Good morning I’m Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today’s update the US continues to hit grim corona virus milestones. Yesterday was America’s deadliest day since the start of the pandemic with the virus killing 3775. Americans. And the American academy of pediatrics now reports more than two million children have tested positive for the virus. That’s especially concerning because it took seven months to reach one million child cases meaning that number doubled in just six weeks. Meanwhile hospitals in the south and west are overwhelmed officials in Los Angeles county are now telling residents not to call 911 unless it is an absolute emergency. And now there are concerns about a slower than expected vaccine roll out. The CDC says only four point eight million doses have been administered across the US out of the seventeen million distributed. History was made in Georgia overnight in one of two critical senate races Rafael wore knock is the projected winner of one of those races defeating Republican senator Kelly Loeffler. And becoming Georgia’s first black senator. That’s second high stakes race could now tip the balance of power in the senate but it’s still too close to call George Stephanopoulos spoke to war knock on GMA this morning. Congratulations. First black senator ever from the state of Georgia what does that say to you about your state and our country. George so deeply honored that the people of Georgia decided to place their free. In Meehan and decided does that mean to represent their enters. In Washington DC yet look forward to representing all people Georgia. Certainly this is a historic moment. And I’m I’m just deeply grateful would be. They vessel. In a moment and record precincts marks problems that our country and I can’t wait to get for the US senate who represented the concerns of ordinary people. Sure you think those who did the president Trump’s questioning from the George election over the last several weeks had in your win. If it’s a little. Sliced diced and talk about fat. But really focus all people here admits that he. Who are wondering when and he wanted to get the kind of relief that they need. This shouldn’t. A 2000 wells stimulus less to. People are really struggling. And I’d look for doing that important work. I’m deeply product a look at it took a lot of chance to get this year. And Georgia it is. Him such an incredible place when you think about our history. We are sending. And African American pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church where martyrdom king Jr. served. And also. Miles off. A young Jewish man is on remember. To the US senator.

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