ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 5, 2021

It was voted tree of the year but that did not stop there. Getting the the 115. Year old tree taken down in the UK to make way for a housing development that apparently did not include the treat its plan. Strangely symbolic moment for a country that’s been knocked down and now locked down again. Showdown in Georgia voters taking to the polls today waiting on some long lines to decide the balance of power in all of Washington DC. The high stakes battle between senate candidates who have accusing each other but some low loans. President trump attacking fellow Republicans in the state how his high pressure campaign he’s playing out. Meanwhile president trumpet issuing a veiled threats of vice president hands calling on parents to step in on that brewing Electoral College fight. Nation’s capital on high alert with thousands of trump supporters expected to. Protests there tomorrow. Kobe crisis not slowing down hospitalizations. Nationwide hit a new record high. Los Angeles county high C news at three pulled capacity. Ambulance is told to not transport any patients who have little chance of surviving as more people sleep in their cars overnight for a chance to get vaccinated. Only to be turned away. And the emotional plea from a hospital bed from someone who once read here early went man slips. Square event. Do it for your children. For your little words. Duke crews. No charges to be filed against the officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back on multiple times. State of emergency now in place as the city of Kenosha Wisconsin. Braces for possible unrest what Blake’s family is saying tonight. Yeah yeah man. I would all the excitement of the new year will move us past the pandemic the original epicenter already has a look at how Wuhan is thriving. So many Americans. Are dying. Good evening everyone I’m Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us well I can’t sing it like James. Brown. Pulls been closed now for several hours all votes are counted in the runoff that will ultimately decide the balance of power in Washington. Democrats need to win both the runoff elections to get to fifty seats in the senate and with vice president Connell Harris breaking a tie. It would ultimately have control of the chamber so let showing the two races that will be tracking all night long Republican senator David Perdue is taking on democratic challenger John costs have been Republican senator. Kelly Laughlin appointed one year ago by Georgia governor Brian Kemp is trying to win election for the very first time. Over pastor Raphael war not voters lined up before sunrise this morning in Atlanta. After record early vote of more than three million tonight Democrats hope they’re strong early turnout will prove decisive.

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