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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

President trump emerging for the first time since capital attack appearing at one of the most listened places in America. The border wall won’t back in Washington more Republicans say they won’t vote to impeach the president. Breaking news the house pushing ahead with impeachment but first voting tonight to pressure vice president tends to invoke the 25 amendment. As president trump refuses to take responsibility nor expressed any regret. His mom of supporters carrying out a domestic terror attack. Defending his speech before hand where he told the crowd to go to the capitol and fight like hell people thought that. What I said was totally appropriate this as more Republicans speak out against the president’s divisive rhetoric his defiance and unwillingness to face reality. Prompting a stunning announcement from all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Warning our armed forces against disrupting the constitutional process reminding troops and president elect Biden who their next commander in chief. Investigation what we’re learning about the security failure of the capital the FBI is warning of war one day before the siege. Although federal officials claim there was no indication an attack was coming. Authorities now on high alert across the country. Slow roll out frustration and efforts now underway to speed up distribution of a Kobe vaccines. Only 35%. Of available doses ending given out we’ll have the latest on the changing guidelines. And with the president’s ego eclipsing the real issues people in this country are facing. Tonight a closer look at the future of the health care system under implied in administration. It’s our America in transition. Social media step Sam. Accused of letting their platforms run wild for years tech companies are pulling the plug on president trump. And his extremist supporters spread out false and dangerous misinformation. The plant once it had no policy. In place that really we’re ready for what was happening are they ready for what’s coming next. Good evening everyone I’m Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us some major developments coming in from Washington DC tonight where the number three Republican in the house has come out in favor of impeaching the president. Wyoming representative Liz Cheney has released a statement saying. There has never been a greater B trailed by a president of the united states of his office and his boat to the constitution. The president. Does not agree. He was in Texas this afternoon and called the speech you gave before domestic terrorist and rioters stormed the capital totally appropriate. Tonight a metal detector is now in place to scan each house member before they take the floor. For the first in a series of those that could lead to that historic second impeachment.

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