ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 4, 2021

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 4, 2021

Concerns that this moment could eventually lead to war. Iran’s revolutionary guard were season. South Korean tanker speedboats flanking the ship and detained in the intern crew of the move comes as Iran announces a renewed effort to enrich uranium. Leaks and bases and claiming election. President trump is now taking a step further potentially committing election throwing himself in a phone call. I use one of the high. 111007. I didn’t eight. Love. Taking an hour to pressure Georgia’s secretary of state will be recalculated results outrage on both sides of the island some Republicans rushed to Trump’s defense. And the mounting tensions in the nation’s capital. Brown’s senators are bound to reject the electoral com. And the control of the senate is at the center. Frenzy in Georgia right now the runoff election tomorrow rumbled around and life campaigning today. We’ll give you an in depth look at the players in one of the most want to run off seems history and the impact results may. Says first confirmed case of the highly contagious and it will be buried now detected in New York as well as multiple states. British prime minister imposing a strict lockdown. 50000. Deaths in less than three weeks. Heat urgent race to vaccinated images from Florida show cars stretching for miles people waiting overnight for a chance to be vaccinated thousands. Anyway plus paying back the placebo patients concerns that some volunteers who stepped up the vaccine trials are now getting left behind. No one in a placebo group is asking jump the line and go ahead of anybody in the public public vaccine. Houston and another woman accused of attacking and wrongly accusing a black teenager. Tell here in New York teen’s family demands she now face charges cash and breaking barriers in the super hero. We’re screenwriter John. Project and common knew that man. Happens to England. How important is it for young kids in particular to see themselves represented. In coming books. For young people to be able to see that the north to know that would sort it on their own. That is. Year seeing drama while we have turned the page on twenty Tony those first days of 20/20 one still painful and still a white knuckled ride between. The pandemic the president and politics as usual. President trump touching down in Dalton Georgia for rally ahead of tomorrow’s critical runoff elections which will decide which party gets control of the senate. And more than two months after the presidential election the president is still focused on his own failed reelection as he continues to make baseless claims that he woman. He took those claims to a new level on Saturday with an hour long phone call to Georgia’s secretary of state Grand Rapids burger.

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