ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 11, 2021

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, January 11, 2021

Hard to believe the pilot survived this crash but he did. Title managing to steer away from more populated areas of Long Island as the plane started to leak fuel before crashing into a dumpster near the ground. Meanwhile in our nation’s capital incitement. Insurrection. That’s the single charts president trump now faces from the house for unleashing a mom of his supporters. Who carried out a domestic terror attack Nancy Pelosi insists. Could be a peach in this week. Calling the president deranged unhinged and dangerous and hear from a Republican congresswoman tonight. Should there be accountability and consequences for those actions if so why. Yeah accelerated should be accountability for those actions from the president on down this is the FBI issue is alarming warnings about farm protests in all states. Groups threatening violence if president trump is removed. Playing catch up the massive effort to track down the perpetrators are. Tips continue to pour in while authorities examine the footage including the new images coming in. How officers being viciously attacked and potential. Cottage home mom. Money talks the company is now cutting ties to president troubled on the Republicans who sought to overturn the election results and spread false information. Businesses are now holding them accountable and how trump and his supporters are fighting back. Losing the larger battle of the virus takes on its own operation warm sweet spreading at record rates. It’s like the push to open new mega site’s LA and Miami stadium switching from testing to vaccinations. Cities overrun by the virus. Desperate for any relief work at a tipping point. We can’t Eddie mean. And hold on tight because we’re following big Colin on its wild ride this digital currency is even being compared. Two gold. Good evening everyone I’m Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. At the end of 20/20 one columnist argued that it was taught to retire the word unprecedented because it is being used so much in the past year and it’s a word that is intended to be used sparingly. But already 20/20 one in its infancy is proving the word unprecedented remains relevant for a number of reasons. Impeachment proceedings are now set to get under way in if successful president trump would be the first US president to be impeached twice. In the fallout from the capital riot has now fanned across the country. Tonight federal law enforcement officials are warning authorities in state capitals to increase security following threats and concerns and emboldened far right wing. May now turn to targets closer to home. And five days after that assault on democracy. Serious questions remain about why do you us capitol police were not better prepared today DC police did brief the public and we learned that 56 officers were injured and in some officers described last week’s riot.

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