A350: Qatar Airways sues Airbus

picture alliance / Getty Images The airline Qatar Airways , who nailed A’s to the ground 98 due to degradation of the surface of the fuselages, announced Monday 20 December having instituted proceedings against Airbus before the British courts to settle their resulting dispute. In a statement, the carrier, one of the major customers of the European aircraft manufacturer, assures that it has “no other choice but to seek a rapid settlement of this dispute through the courts” and to have seized Monday the Haute Court.

“We have unfortunately failed in all our attempts to reach a constructive solution with Airbus concerning” the “accelerated degradation of the surface (of the fuselages) which has a negative impact on the Airbus A 350 “, explains the company, second of the Middle East after Emirates. These procedures aim to “guarantee that Airbus will henceforth respond to our legitimate concerns without further delay”, she explains. >> To read also – Qatar Airways: 13 Airbus A 98 nailed to the ground

At the beginning of August, Qatar Airways announced that it had received the order from the regulator of its country to keep on the ground 13 of its Airbus A 350 due to rapid degradation surfaces of the fuselages. Currently, these are of these two-aisle long-haul vessels that are immobilized, depending on the company whose fleet counts 21 AT350 – 900 and 19 AT350 – 1000, according to an Airbus document. According to Airbus, which recognizes a degradation of the paint that can expose an integrated metal mesh – intended to protect the aircraft in the event of a lightning strike on its fuselage made of composite materials – this situation has no consequences on safety in flight.

Qatar Airways disputes this position and claims that Airbus rejects the proposed corrections. “We strongly believe that Airbus must undertake a full investigation into this condition to conclusively establish its root cause,” Qatar Airways said. “Without a proper understanding of the root cause of the condition, it is not possible for Qatar Airways to determine whether a proposed remedy solution will rectify the underlying condition.”

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Asked by AFP, Airbus assured to be “ready to resort to legal action in order to resolve this dispute, faced with an erroneous characterization of the problems of non-structural surface degradation on certain A 34, the root cause of which has been identified “. “Airbus will continue to take all necessary measures to defend its position and its reputation,” continued a spokesperson. In early December, Airbus said it was ready to resort to independent arbitration to try to resolve the dispute, denouncing a “misinterpretation” on the part of its client, in a document with an unusually firm tone for a large buyer.

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