Painful foot and ankle situations are miscellaneous. Protect anatomical integrity and providing flexibility, together with re-achieving strength, are very important in the treatment of painful musculo-skeletal diseases. Exercise is essential to return to full activity and sports.

The healing period after injury can be classified as acute phase, subacute phase, recovery phase, and return to functional and sports activity phase. Rest, ice application, elevation, and compression with analgesic-anti-inflammatory treatment are done in the acute phase.

After the acute phase, range of motion exercises and isometric strengthening should be started in the subacute phase.

A Workout That Zeroes in on Foot and Ankle Strength

In further phases, the impact of exercises should be increased, and the patient should switch to weight-bearing and a more effective strengthening program.

Eventually, in the functional phase, the patient should be prepared for daily living activities, and if he does sports, he should return to sports activities.

A Workout That Zeroes in on Foot and Ankle Strength

What is the best support for weak ankles?

If you feel the instability daily through walking or standing, wearing an ankle brace can help support your weak ankles. The Trizone Ankle Sleeve is recommended for daily use. If you are looking to stay active and play sports, we recommend an ankle brace that provides moderate protection.

Does walking strengthen feet?

Exercising your feet on a regular basis not only improves overall foot health, but may also reduce your risk for injury. Walking is the best overall foot exercise. When you walk, you put your foot through its full range of motion, from the time your heel hits the ground until you lift off with your toes.

Why are my feet stiff when I wake up?

Foot stiffness after sitting and in the morning is a common symptom of plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a thick ligament on the bottom of your foot, running from the heel to the ball. This condition occurs when that ligament becomes irritated. Plantar fasciitis is common for athletes, specifically runners.

Why does my ankle roll so easily?

If the ligament is repeatedly stressed as in “rolling the ankle” all the time, then the ligaments lose their toughness and become stretched out. When this happens, ankle sprains can become recurrent. With treatment, ligament tissue can heal.