A very generous Christmas gift from a Spanish boss to his employees

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A businessman from Mallorca has decided to distribute one million euros to its employees for Christmas.

Othman Ktiri, owner of the rental and sale of cars Ok Mobility and sponsor of Real Mallorca, surprised its employees with a gift of Very special Christmas . As reported by Diario de Mallorca , the entrepreneur has distributed Friday 14 December one million euros to its employees after a year that he described as “historic” for the company. To reward his collaborators, the Spanish boss had seen the big picture. For the occasion, some of the employees were welcomed at the Son Moix stadium, in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) while the others, spread over eight countries, were able to follow the event in streaming.

After the announcement of the company’s results, the employees received a raffle ticket which concealed an exceptional special Christmas bonus. Indeed, all the numbers distributed were winners. “This is my way of thanking you for your commitment, your dedication and, above all, for your loyalty. Enjoy it and have a merry Christmas,” said Othman Ktiri.

¡El día más feliz de mi vida profesional! 🥰😍 El pasado viernes, y tras carried out a test of antígenos a tod @ s los … Posted by Othman Ktiri on Monday, December 20, 2020 >> Also read – The fabulous Christmas present offered to its employees by the Sartorius company

The boss of Ok Mobility said it was the happiest day of his professional life. The businessman himself shared the event on his Facebook account. “For three months, I prepared this gift with a lot of enthusiasm, emotion and in the greatest secrecy to celebrate a historic year for OK”, he says on the social network. Before specifying that the distribution of the million euros distributed was made “by seniority” to reward “loyalty”. “Seeing the #OKteam family in front of me so happy and cheerful has without a doubt made me the happiest person,” concludes Othman Ktiri in his post. >> To read also – The incredible gift of a catering group to allow its employees to find their families

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