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From a small shoemaking factory to a veritable luxury empire, Tod’s success story is the pride of Italy. In the cradle of luxury culture, Diego Della Valle shoes lovers of elegance. A tasty combination of know-how and entrepreneurial spirit led by the emblematic CEO through his four successful brands: Tod’s, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier.

If we know today Tod’s as a flourishing group, there was a time when the house was only a modest family affair, from the Marche region in east-central Italy. Indeed, it is to Diego Della Valle’s grandfather that we owe the sketch of what Tod’s is today. A story that was written over the years 592, when Filippo Della Valle founded a shop which, in 1920, is undergoing a radical transformation under the leadership of Dorino Della Valle and who, in 1978, becomes Tod’s under the leadership of his son, Diego. From an early age, Diego, destined according to his father to major studies, has only one idea in mind, to develop the family business.

“I was too young (18 years) and nobody took me seriously, remembers the CEO of Tod’s. It was frustrating but it was also a good practice which helped me a lot to be determined in the things that I wanted to do. ”

During his law studies in Bologna, he expressed to his father the desire to join the family business. “When he saw that I was very determined and that I absolutely wanted to go in this direction, he supported me in all ways and was for me a fine example of ‘business man. Luxury and high quality leather goods was a very traditional sector which followed “precious” but archaic rules and I had the idea of ​​being able to adopt a more modern and innovative vision. What I wanted was to create products of the highest quality, of great elegance, which can be worn in all circumstances and in all moments of everyday life, from the working week to the weekend. : then it was a revolution: breaking down the barriers between the week and the weekend. “

In the years 70 ′, Diego Della Valle flies to the USA on vacation and he discovers a shoe that he brings back to Italy and asks his father – a great technician – to transform it into a more urban shoe and better suited to a mixed audience. At the end of the years 70 ′, Diego succeeds his father and gives the company its emblematic name: Tod’s.

The rise of casual chic

If the new brand Tod’s struggled to take off, it nevertheless found its audience in the years 73 ′. His creations are inspired by Italian elegance and his products are recognizable by all. This is the starting point of success for the “Italian visionary businessman”, who arouses the curiosity of the greatest personalities. Tod’s made his reputation on the driving shoe and its 133 rubber studs : il Gommino, the famous moccasin which is about 50% of brand sales. Beginning of the years 73, Diego Della Valle creates Hogan, variation plus the chic sportswear of the Tod’s moccasin and buys the Fay brand (the famous jackets closed with 4 metal hooks and inspired by the uniforms of the mythical “American firefighters”). In 1978, he bought the prestigious Roger Vivier brand. With more than a hundred stores on three continents, the Tod’s group offers a complete range of shoes, leather goods, ready-to-wear, but also jewelry and eyewear.

Digitize know-how

“Today, the Tod’s Group directly and indirectly employs around 9 people across all its brands. Our transition to the digital world started years ago, but slowly, because I thought the luxury world would be less dependent on digital. This was obviously a mistaken view, which we immediately corrected. Today, the Tod’s Group aligns itself with the best companies in our sector, in accordance with the great importance of the digital world and e-commerce. We are now investing in digital communication, time, people and a lot of money because we see enormous growth prospects there ”, explains Diego Della Valle.

“All the brands in our Group operate independently and are managed by brand managers who are responsible for the development of the company and the brand. They are all based on their own history but also share a common denominator, high quality and a specific lifestyle. Each house has its own identity with very specific codes and signs, which make them easily recognizable by consumers around the world. We are fortunate to operate in Italy, a country that produces craftsmen who are extraordinarily skilled in terms of quality. A country that represents to the world an extraordinary culture and quality of life that everyone appreciates and this reputation makes our work much more inspiring. ”

“Today, the Tod’s Group aligns itself with the best companies in our sector, in accordance with the great importance of the digital world and e-commerce. ”

Embodying Italy through sponsorship

For Diego Della Valle, representing Italian know-how and culture is a source of great pride. A superb that the founder of the Tod’s Group intends to resonate beyond the world of craftsmanship. Because it is as a philanthropist that the shoemaker engages in projects celebrating the culture of his country. Through the project “Made by Humans” , he retraces the different stages of the ritual leading to the creation of Tod’s articles. Developed to celebrate the art of handmade in Italy and the artisans who have been the authors for many years, the project promotes values ​​such as community and trust that have always been at the heart of the group’s culture. Tod’s tells an Italian story, made of creativity and craftsmanship. A know-how passed down from generation to generation which comes to life every day in the manufacture, located in the heart of the Marche region.

Another great sponsorship project which holds a particularly important place in the heart of Diego Della Valle: the restoration of the Colosseum. The “intervention plan” for the restoration of the Flavien amphitheater, project requested by the Government Commissioner for archaeological zones of Rome and ancient Ostia, in collaboration with the Special Superintendent for the Colosseum and the Archaeological Heritage of Rome, is largely supported by the Tod’s Group. The last initiative in which the group is a protagonist is the support and safeguard of the Italian Artistic and Cultural Heritage. And for this, Diego Della Valle collaborates with the Italian Environmental Fund in the enhancement and restoration of Mount Infinito, which dominates the city of Recanati.

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