A media tour will be organized on the life of Dennis Hopper

Denis Hopper had several lives. He was successively director, actor, painter and photographer. In his acting career, he collaborated with big names in cinema including James Dean with whom he took his first steps in front of the big screens. Between his addiction problems and the death of James Dean, the actor will experience dark moments in his life.

Credit – Dennis Hopper, the Symbol of Hippie AmericaThis will therefore be detailed very soon in a media tour organized by Hopper Art Trust in partnership with Louder Than Pop. The special Denis Hopper media tour will take place through several American and European cities, including Paris.

The professional career of Dennis Hopper

The actor starred in 115 movies. He appears for the first time on screen alongside James Dean, in an episode of the television series Medic, in which he plays a young epileptic. He then played in the films La Fureur de vivre and Giant. These two cinematographic works constitute, with East of Eden by Elia Kazan, the three films in which played James Dean whose career was cut short by a road accident.

Dennis Hopper also made himself popular by playing roles in The American Friend by Wim Wenders,

Apocalypse Now and Rusty James by Francis Ford Coppola or Blue Velvet by David Lynch. Despite growing in popularity, Hopper remained deeply affected by the death of James Dean. Shortly after that he disagreed with director Henry Hathaway on the set of the film From Hell To Texas . Hopper’s conduct on the set caused him to be banned from Hollywood for several years. He then turned to photography being unable to act in the cinema.

After overcoming his problems related to the consumption of drugs and alcohol, he resumed his acting career . He will play in big movies like The Osterman Weekend and Rusty James by Sam Peckinpah. His action with Peter Fonda will give birth to one of the most cult films of his long career: Easy Rider. A film, symbol of hippie America, for which he is the director and one of the main actors.


The actor’s journey will be retraced during a tour in several cities.

The media tour aims to purpose of reminding all generations of the great actor that was Denis Hopper. It will take place next year across eight cities and will also allow fans to discover all aspects of his career as a director, actor, artist and photographer.

The exhibition will start at Los Angeles, then will continue to New York, and then Chicago. The cities of San Francisco, Dallas and London will follow before Paris brings up the rear. A preview of the icon’s greatest works will be broadcast for the great pleasure of his fans.

The tour will offer a unique digital immersion experience. This will be a live show made up of sound and light, an exploration guided by ambi-sonic headphones with a soundtrack and video, 3D projections as well as physical sets.

Hopper will accompany visitors through written and recorded interviews before his death. His entire collection of trophies, photographs, works of art, film objects, written works and even letters received from other artists like Peter Fonda, Miles Davis and John Lennon will be on display during this tour. .

Tickets will soon be available on LouderThanPop.com.

Source: 2022MovieWeb