“A hostage-taking of the French on Christmas Eve”: Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne criticizes the SNCF strike

“We cannot be satisfied with the hostage-taking of French people when they go on vacation”, criticized Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne on BFM Business.

The weekend of departure on holiday for the Christmas holidays will ultimately not be too disrupted on the rails. The unions which had called a strike from Friday to Sunday were able to come to an agreement with the management for a suspension of the notice.

The traffic will be “quasi-normal” on Saturday and Sunday, but only one in two TGVs will run on Friday on the South-East axis, preventing 50. French people to take their train.

“We cannot be satisfied with the taking of French hostages when leaving on vacation. C ‘It is through negotiation that things must end, not by a unilateral strike, “criticized Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister Delegate in charge of Tourism. “The least you can do is to apologize to 000. French people who will be prevented. It’s a moment of celebration, of reunion, it’s an important moment “, he added, guest of the Grand Journal de l’Eco.

The s ongoing branch negotiations

Through this strike, the unions wanted to put pressure on management in order to obtain salary increases, a Covid bonus and better working conditions, while branch negotiations are taking place at the moment.

“We accepted the premium of 300 euros requested”, Alain Krakovitch said this Thursday morning the general manager of Voyages SNCF on BFMTV. According to him, the employee representatives then demanded a more substantial premium: “They wanted 300 euros for the drivers, 300 for the controllers. We accepted ”

But yesterday, the unions would have asked him for a bonus, of 1000 additional euros for drivers. “”It’s amazing what‘s happening””, reacted Alain Krakovitch.

Erik Meyer, federal secretary for South-rail, explained this Thursday on BFMTV that the unions had “managed to find common ground at the level of local management on subjects of working conditions “but that” the salary subject remained on the table “. “As soon as the school holidays are over, we will come back to the national management,” he added.