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a (high) price mentioned for the “most revolutionary product after the iPhone”

According to 01Net’s a (high) price mentioned for the “most revolutionary product after the iPhone”
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It is once again the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who gives news of the mixed reality headset from Apple. It could be announced at the start of 2023 at a very steep price.

Apple’s virtual and augmented reality headset has been talked about a lot this year. Expected for a presentation at the last WWDC conference, it was ultimately not mentioned by the Cupertino giant. A tariff and a new launch window now surface.

New release date hinted for Apple’s mixed reality headset

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already mentioned last June the delay taken by Apple with its AR / VR headset. Today, he explains that this delay has only reinforced market expectations for the company’s mixed reality device (virtual and augmented) which should be presented in early 2023:

“However, this investment theme has not become a clear market consensus due to doubts about innovative user experience and low shipments (less than 1.5 million units) in 2023. Apple may announce the AR/VR headset as soon as January 2023. This media event is expected to reduce investors’ concerns about the innovative user experience, low number of shipments in 2023, and boost their confidence in the prospects of the headset. »

Kuo isn’t going with the back of the spoon, saying he thinks the company’s mixed reality headset will be the “next game-changing consumer electronics product after the iPhone.” A sentence that pretty much sums up the expectations that investors (and consumers?) have of Apple’s next product segment.

A high price and several helmets

Various market analysts are starting to hint at a price bracket for Apple’s first mixed reality headset. A price between 2000 and 2500 dollars is mentioned. If that turns out to be right, it would be more expensive than Meta’s Quest Pro which could be presented as early as this year.

A presentation early next year would aim to reassure investors about the headset’s potential so that it doesn’t focus on the product’s low number of shipments in 2023. During the presentation, Apple would focus on the hardware specifics, use cases as well as the associated software ecosystem and services.

If the mixed reality headset would be the first of its kind presented by Apple, the company would also prepare another headset for 2025, solely dedicated to augmented reality. This product would be presented in 2024.

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