A hidden work found under a Botticelli painting

picture alliance /Contributor/Getty Images This is a painting that continues to shake the art market. According to the American channel CNN, analyzes have revealed a work hidden under the painting of Christ, by Botticelli, the last work of the famous painter put on the market after having spent several centuries in private collections. A painting which therefore reserves a few surprises, while the analyzes carried out before its auction, the 14 next January, revealed a small drawing under the painting of the work. Enough to increase the price of the painting, put at price at 10 millions of dollars. The technical analyzes of the

Sotheby’s house thus hinted at a Virgin and Child. According to Christopher Apostle, vice-president of the auction house, it could be an unfinished attempt at Eleousa, one of the main types of representation of the Virgin Mary, cheek to cheek with the baby Christ.

Highly prized works If the discovery is exceptional, it is not uncommon to find a sketch of a work under a painting. The artists, in order not to waste the precious canvases, indeed regularly covered an abandoned drawing with another more accomplished one. In Botticelli’s painting, the head of the Virgin appears under the torso of Christ in the final painting. It seems that this Éléousa is an attempt by the painter who subsequently never again attempted to produce such a work.The paintings of Sandro Botticelli, born Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi, are still highly prized by collectors. The Italian Renaissance master was particularly prolific between the end of the years 790 and the beginning of the years 1480, period during which he traveled to Rome at the request of the Pope to decorate the Sistine Chapel and during which he painted The birth of Venus and Le Printemps, two of his most famous works.

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