“A handful of idiots”: Eric Zemmour condemns the controversial video of his supporters simulating shootings

INTERNET – Eric Zemmour on Wednesday “condemned” a video in which two individuals claiming to be their sympathizers practice shooting and imagine taking for target Emmanuel Macron, Alexis Corbière and Raquel Garrido, and for which an investigation has been opened.

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“You are neither part of my sympathizers, nor of my militants, and even less of my friends. ” Wednesday in a press release, Eric Zemmour condemned the two individuals claiming to be sympathizers who have staged themselves in Videos in which they train in shooting and imagine targeting Emmanuel Macron and the rebellious elected officials Alexis Corbière and Raquel Garrido. “I condemn in advance everything you do in my name during my campaign. I do not want your support or your help” , wrote the presidential candidate.

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Videos , revealed on Twitter by the Young Guard, an anti-fascist group, and p ar Mediapart, show a man wearing a cap “Ben voir” , a tic of language from Eric Zemmour erected as a slogan by his fans, to practice with a sniper rifle. “Well let’s see friends, who are we going to explode? The young gaucho, the young communist, the young mental bougnoule” , laughs the young man, before firing with a large caliber. Rifle in play, he then mimics surprise – “Ah, Emmanuel Macron!” – and fires a second shot.

In another video shot in the same place, another young man takes the former spokesman of France Insoumise Raquel Garrido is targeted. Rifle in hand, he explains “to practice hunting wild Garrido” before firing and then firing a second time, evoking her husband, the LFI deputy Alexis Corbière.

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Zemmour denounces a handful of “idiots” ) In his press release, Eric Zemmour is indignant at a “pitiful spectacle” committed by “a miserable handful” from “idiots” , drawing a parallel with the “hooligans”, who “do not go to the stadium for the beauty of the game, but for the violence” .

An investigation was opened by the National Pole against online hate (PNLH), for “death threats and incitement to racial hatred,” said the Paris prosecutor’s office.

The drafting of LCI with AFP

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