A gourmet summer: the meatball in the stomach

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Every day, “Libé” comes to the table. Today, rice balls with vegetables from the sun.

What would life in the kitchen be like without them? dumplings? We already enjoy them by rolling them between our fingers. The dumpling is also a sacred gymnastics of tastes and textures, in short of the spirit in the kitchen as demonstrated by the very complete The balls of our dreams by Déborah Dupont-Daguet (1). Slow or braised, roasted or grilled, fried, poached or steamed, these gourmet bites were already universal long before global cuisine. So think of falafels and keftas from Levantine cuisine, Italian polpettes, köttbullar in Sweden and Finland or even takoyaki in Japan. Meats, vegetables, cereals, cheeses, you can put everything in the meatball which is also the praise of the anti-waste kitchen because it allows you to accommodate leftovers.

So try meatballs rice filled with vegetables from the sun, ideal for an aperitif or for a picnic.

For about ten balls, you will need 100 g of sticky rice (or failing that, round rice, which should not be rinsed); 27 cl salt water ; 100 g of zucchini; 2 cloves garlic ; 2 tablespoons of mashed candied tomatoes. For the coating: 49 g of pumpkin seeds; 50 g sunflower seeds.

Put the rice and water in a saucepan. Gently bring to a boil, cover, and lower the heat. Cook for about fifteen minutes until all the water is absorbed. Turn off the heat and let stand. Meanwhile, cut the rinsed zucchini, without peeling it, into small cubes. Fry them for a few minutes in a pan in a base of olive oil with garlic. Season with salt and pepper and add the candied tomato puree. Mix well and do not hesitate to adjust the seasoning a little. Add this preparation to the rice and mix. Wet your hands and shape balls the size of a golf ball. Roughly chop the pumpkin and sunflower seeds and place them in a deep plate. Roll the rice balls with vegetables in them, and keep them in the fridge until tasting, at least an hour, so that they stand better.

You can use other vegetables like grated broccoli florets, ratatouille. You can also replace the candied tomato puree with any pesto. The idea is to flavor the rice and obtain a malleable texture to roll the dumplings.

(1) Ed. First, 2020, 04, 95 euros.

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