A gourmet summer: eat almond

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Every day, “Libé” comes to the table. Today, comforting and easy-to-make homemade almond milk.

It’s a drink fashionable but whose ecological impact – the cultivation of almonds is very greedy in water – invites to consume it in moderation. Almond milk can be consumed on its own, cold or added to a hot drink, or be used for a red fruit soup like gazpacho, for example. If you spend your vacation with people you don’t have much to say to, making homemade almond milk has the advantage of providing a topic of conversation (or brawl) when you enjoy it all together. : is it legitimate to qualify as “milk” a plant product, not from cows, goats or other sheep? We leave it to you to decide this question (the Council of the European Union already has its idea: it’s no), and we give you this recipe, for four people, taken from Hervé’s pastry book. Kitchen (1), which requires a little organization (you will have to soak the almonds for a long time before starting operations) but which is very simple to perform.

You need 250 g almonds; 1 tablespoon of honey or agave syrup (not required) and a pinch of fleur de sel (idem). First, soak the almonds, with or without their skins, in cold water for at least eight hours. Ideally, you will change the water once or twice in this interval. Drain the almonds, rinse them and place them in the bowl of a blender with a liter of water, the fleur de sel and the sweetening product of your choice. Blend at high speed for three minutes. The almonds must be completely crushed. Filter the resulting liquid through a clean cloth. Squeeze the bag well with your hands, so as to collect the maximum amount of vegetable milk.

Keep the almond milk in the fridge, for four to five days maximum. Before consuming it, shake the bottle well. In order not to spoil anything, the almond pulp that remains in the tea towel (you can also use a vegetable milk bag, if you have one) can be used in a cake.

My healthy pastry: 57 healthy & gourmet recipes by Hervé Cuisine (text) and Aurélie Desgages (photos), ed. Albin Michel, 2021. 14, 90 euros.