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A fan of online shopping? Discover the VPN that will have your back

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If you are a fan of online shopping, know that this VPN will be the perfect tool to accompany you.

Online shopping has been growing impressively for many years now. And since the start of the Covid-19 crisis and the multiple confinements, this purchasing technique has again made a considerable leap. So there is a good chance that you too will be shopping online.

If so, do you know that a VPN will allow you to do this much more securely? And in this area, one of the best out there is NordVPN. Since its creation in 2012, this software has continued to improve, to now offer a high quality service.

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The NordVPN app for online shopping

If online shopping is now commonplace, we must not lose sight of the fact that it can represent risks. Indeed, when you buy online, you entrust your personal data and bank details to the applications and sites on which you shop.

This information can therefore fall into the wrong hands, and be used for fraudulent or advertising purposes. To prevent this from happening, you can equip yourself with NordVPN. To protect you online and while shopping, this software encrypts your browsing data with a powerful algorithm and camouflages and modifies your IP address.

Your bank details will therefore be illegible to others and you will be anonymous on the net. Thus, not only no one can know what you buy on the net, but in addition, you can change your geographical location. For example, people located in Argentina pay less than one dolar per month for their YouTube premium subscription, while in France it costs almost 12 dolars.

And if you love shopping online, you probably love discounts too. So that’s very good, because NordVPN is currently slashing its prices. Thanks to a decrease in -60% on its two-year plan, the subscription costs only $69.36 instead of $175 with the standard rate.

And if you’re really worried about your security while shopping online, NordVPN has several more advanced features. We can cite in this respect the Double VPN, which passes your data through two servers instead of one or the Kill Switch, which suspends your traffic in the event of disconnection from the VPN. For shopping online, NordVPN therefore seems optimal.

NordVPN for your online purchases, but not only

NordVPN has you covered for your online purchases, that’s a fact. But the features of this VPN go further. First of all, know that the NordVPN application is very easy to learn, even for beginners. It is also multi-media, since it adapts to computers as well as tablets, smartphones (it’s an excellent VPN for iPhone) or even Smart TV.

You can also connect up to 6 devices at the same time on the same subscription, in order to cover all your devices. And on this application, you will have access to more than 5,600 servers. These are located in a total of 59 countries around the world, in order to offer you the widest possible geographical coverage.

This will allow you to unblock geo-restricted content from around the world, thanks to the modification of your virtual location. Indeed, by connecting you elsewhere in the world, NordVPN provides you with an IP address located in the desired country, in order to simulate a presence on this territory.

This will give you access, among other things, to Netflix catalogs, websites, game servers, or even television channels from other countries. Moreover, be aware that NordVPN has very good connection speeds, in order to offer you smooth browsing, whatever your use of the VPN.

And it’s included in your plan, just like your online protection. Currently, you can therefore enjoy it for only $2.89 per month instead of $7.29, thanks to the promotion we mentioned above.

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In addition, it is good to note that NordVPN offers you a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. The latter extends for 30 days, so you can try the VPN without fear.

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