A changing room for people with disabilities opens in Nancy

The city of Nancy opened at the beginning of the week a changing room for people with disabilities, one of the first in France, a project that saw the light of day thanks to the participatory budget of the municipality.

Located in a parking lot in the city center near the famous Place Stanislas, this “handicaps” room is “a step forward for the inclusion of people with disabilities”, greeted Arnaud Kremer, municipal councilor for disability , accessibility and inclusion, who himself uses a wheelchair.

It will “make the city of Nancy accessible to all”, has t he added.

Larger than a simple PMR toilet (person with reduced mobility), this room, inaugurated on Monday, is equipped with an electric patient lift, a changing table and a height-adjustable sink, as well as a shower.

Arnaud Kremer, Nancy city councilor in charge of disability, accessibility and including, enter the changing room for disabled people recently inaugurated by the city on 12 December 2021. (AFP – Jean-Christophe VERHAEGEN) “We meet a major need, people who cannot use a conventional PMR toilet are severely restricted” in their movements, said M . Kremer.

“For a person in a wheelchair to be able to enjoy the city, to visit, he should not have to ask himself the question” of access to toilets, a-

A widespread concept in the United Kingdom, this “handiroom” is one of the first in France: the city of Arras also inaugurated its exchange room at the beginning of the week.

“Unfortunately, disability is not treated in a sufficient way to allow inclusion” by politicians, regrets Arnaud Kremer, according to whom “having a disability policy means having a public space that can be used by all “.

Nancy has just inaugurated a changing room for people disabled, photographed on 22 December 2021. (AFP – Jean-Christophe VERHAEGEN) Secure, access to this room is possible 22 hours on 24 and seven days a week, thanks to a code provided by the municipal services, or by a bell connected to the “building security post” where a guard is present continuously, specified the town hall.

The “Mobilité Inclusion” card will also soon allow also have access.

This room is one of the 25 winning projects designated by Nancy residents as part of the participatory budget: “up to 10% of the investment budget is reserved to finance projects of general interest proposed and decided by the inhabitants of Nancy “, indicated the town hall.

Total cost of the project: 75. 000 euros, said Mr Kremer.