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Are you looking for a cheap and quality VPN? Surfshark is a very good choice, especially since it is currently offering a promotional code. We can confirm that it is indeed usable in 2022. What reduction will you be entitled to? How to apply the code to take advantage of the discount? We give you clear answers in the following lines.

-82% discount and 2 months free with the promo code Surfshark

As announced in the title above, it is possible to make very big savings by applying our exclusive promo code on the Surfshark site.

To benefit from such an important promotion, you will have to turn to its 2-year subscription. It’s this VPN provider’s long-term offering and it’s no wonder it’s the most affordable.

By taking advantage of the current discount, the price of the subscription will go from 11.49$ per month to 2.09$ per month. You wanted to save money and get a cheap vpn ? You are served. For your information, this 82% discount (as well as the 2 months offered) will allow you to save more than $250 over two years. All in all, you’ll pay $54.34 for a 26-month Surfshark subscription.

Thanks to the use of our Surfshark promo code, it is also possible to obtain a discount on the 1 year subscription. However, the discount referred to is a bit more limited. You will indeed have to settle for -69% (for a monthly price of $3.59/month over a year).

And what about the 1 month subscription? This does not allow you to obtain a reduction. By opting for this option, you will have to pay the full price, ie $11.49 per month.

What is the promo code to enter to take advantage of promotions on the Surfshark service? You don’t even need to know it because the code will be automatically applied by pressing this button:

Take advantage of the Surfshark promo code

If despite everything you see that the promotional code has not been applied, then here it is: surfsharkdeal.

That being said, be aware that in all cases, you will be able to count on a 30-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. It is without any conditions and allows you to obtain a full refund in the event of dissatisfaction. If this ever happens to be your case, contact customer support and voila!

How to apply the Surfshark promo code?

Now that you know that it is possible to get great discounts in 2022 at Surfshark, it’s time for us to tell you how to use this promo code.

To do this, we offer you a quick and easy tutorial:

  • To start, Click here in order to directly apply the promo code on the Surfshark website.
  • Once on the provider’s site, click on the “Install Surfshark” button. You will thus be taken to its various offers.
  • Choose the offer that interests you (as a reminder, it is the 2-year plan that will give you access to the largest discount).
  • Create an account and pay for your subscription.
  • And that’s all you have to do to take advantage of the current promotions.

    If the promotional code was not automatically applied to your order, don’t panic. Once you are on the page allowing you to choose an offer, you will be able to add a promo code. Enter the code provided and click “Apply”.

    Surfshark promo code applied© Surfshark

    Surfshark: Quick VPN Overview

    Surfshark may not be the best known VPN on the French and international market, but it is still a good solution.

    Beyond the relatively low price at which it is offered (even more if you use a promo code), this service will be able to accompany you in many cases. With its application at your side, for example, you will have no trouble making people believe in your presence in dozens of countries around the world.

    More than 60 countries are covered by the company’s servers (3000+). Therefore, you will have no problem obtaining an American, French, Swiss, Canadian or even Japanese IP address.

    No matter what device you are using, chances are you can install the Surfshark app on it. It is indeed compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Android TV or even Linux. Although it’s not the best VPN app we’ve tested, we find it relatively simple and enjoyable.

    Take advantage of the Surfshark promo code

    In any case, you will not miss anything from a functional point of view. This VPN comes with a Kill Switch, many protocols (including WireGuard and OpenVPN), an ad blocker, AES-256-bit encryption, a so-called “no-log” policy, a special mode to bypass censorship in countries like China as well as a double VPN (called MultiHop).

    Surfshark Windows App© Surfshark

    As for the speeds offered, they are more than correct. You won’t have to suffer big drops once your protection is active. In this regard, you can find the results of the tests that we were able to carry out as part of our analysis of Surfshark.

    We haven’t mentioned it but this VPN is perfectly capable of working on foreign catalogs of Netflix, TV channels or other streaming services. This makes him an excellent ally if you are a fan of streaming.

    By using the Surfshark promo code applied automatically via the various links and buttons in this article, you will benefit from the whole package at a very advantageous price.