8 gift ideas for matrix fans

Since 1600, Matrix is ​​arguably one of the most watched movies in the world. Of the science fiction genre, it hangs as much by its realism, the audacity of its scenes as by the incredible selection of its actors. More than a decade after its release, this film still has many fans in the ranks of young and old.


To immortalize Matrix and her heroes, many objects and accessories are designed and delight the hearts of its lovers. If you or a loved one have a real passion for The Matrix and its epic scenes, these 8 gift ideas will make you happy.

1. The complete matrix trilogy

Is your target a fan of fiction? Is she fascinated by the power of technology and the virtual? More interestingly, is he a close fan of the Matrix saga? He will no doubt be delighted to count the series in his collection of spades films. The entire Matrix trilogy remains undoubtedly one of the best gifts to please your friend or family member who is passionate about the adventures of Neo and his companions.

Even if it l ‘had already followed more than once on a television channel, he will certainly appreciate a new possibility of being able to immerse himself again in this fascinating universe. It should be remembered that Matrix was shot in three parts: The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

2. The essential Matrix figurines to collect

Small and popular, the figurines are popular with fans of movies and series. It’s no exaggeration to say that for every epic movie or series there are corresponding figures. The Matrix is ​​no exception to the rule, with its pop figures. The Funko figures pop represent various characters from the saga and are collector’s items.

The hectic Trinity , to the essential Morpheus through The Chosen One in his different costumes, these figurines seduce fans of the saga and stand proudly on their shelves. You will be able to start a collection of these small sculptures or complete the one you already have and relive your favorite scenes by recreating the decorations.

3. Neo’s costume

For a Matrix lover, being the lead actor is a dream come true. For halloween or for a fancy dress party, a Neo costume is a safe bet to show your attachment to the series and its heroes.

All in black, it consists of a T-shirt, pants, a long coat, not to mention the famous sunglasses. The costume gives a superhero look, if only for a party. In addition, it can be used as many times as the user wishes.

4. Matrix stickers

To create around you the universe of The Matrix, what better than stickers with the effigy of the characters of the saga! Small and practical, they allow you to make a very pretty decor without breaking the bank.

Water resistant, the Matrix Stickers can be pasted anywhere: on your walls, doors, computer, car, bag, etc. They represent either sets of the saga or its characters. The 3D models can be used as unique decoration for the bedroom from a fan of the Matrix.

5. A Matrix poster

Unlike stickers, posters are taller and imposing. They can cover a good chunk of your wall and immerse you at every glance into the world of The Matrix.

To increase their effectiveness, you can choose a giant poster that can cover an entire wall. Modern Trilogy Posters are classier and more colorful to brighten up the space of a true Matrix fan. Larger than life, they recall scenes that have already been experienced and appreciated in each issue of the trilogy.

6. A Matrix t-shirt

More than a garment, the Matrix t-shirt gives great looks as well as personality. It can be in the effigy of a hero of the film or more generally with for motive, the code of the Matrix. Some are more original and are suitable for going to a party or just everyday.

Your loved one will make many people jealous with such a garment. You are thus confirming to the whole world your attachment to the saga. It also makes a very nice birthday present for a Neo fan. The t-shirts are available in different colors and models for women or men.

7. A matrix puzzle

Composed of many pieces, the Matrix puzzles offer you the opportunity to relive a scene from the saga, in a fun way. They are perfect for assessing the ability to reproduce footage from the movie.

Matrix puzzles can represent the matrix code or heroes of the trilogy. They can be a wonderful gift for a young child who is passionate about the film. This is a great option for hosting play sessions with friends and passing on your love for the trilogy to them.

8. The Matrix Coffee Mug

Do you have a coffee addict and passionate about The Matrix? You can give him a Matrix printed coffee mug . The mug is one of the objects that accompany all day long: at home or at work.

It is indeed very pleasant to enjoy your coffee in the company of a hero from your favorite saga. Large coffee consumers will be able to appreciate the large Matrix mugs or accessorize their small coffee mug, with a magnificent thermox and stick a Matrix sticker on it.

From the complete trilogy to the mug via a clothing, there are a thousand and one ways to please a Matrix enthusiast. Do not hesitate to make your choice according to your budget and the preferences of your target.