8 French people received preventive treatment against Astrazeneca's covid: “the first in the world”

Evusheld, this dual therapy monoclonal antibody treatment developed by Astrazeneca was distributed to 8 French patients at Tenon hospital in Paris.

“The top eight in the world”. Eight French patients received this morning at the Parisian hospital Tenon the Evusheld explained on BFMTV Olivier Nataf, president of AstraZeneca France.

“France, thanks to its early access mechanism, was able to have this drug ahead of other countries”, did it noted. This preventive treatment was also authorized in emergency in the United States “but it does not There have not yet been any patients in this country, “said Olivier Nataf.

A preventive treatment for the immunocompromised

The antibodies contained in the serum will allow patients to have defenses against the virus “for at least 6 months”, specified the boss of AstraZeneca France. Concretely, the antibodies contained in the treatment prevent the virus from replicating in the body of patients, and this for several months. A particularly suitable solution for patients for whom the vaccine is not effective and does not provide an immune system response.

“There are people who have been confined to their homes for months, who have diseases that make the immune system less efficient: leukemia, transplants … “, he explains.

People for whom the vaccine only provides weak, or not at all, of protection.

“This is not mass treatment. Mass treatment is vaccination “, insists Olivier Nataf. The High Authority for Health ( HAS) French had given on Friday its green light for the use of the Evusheld antiviral treatment from AstraZeneca for patients at very high risk of severe form on Friday 10 of COVID – 19.

Evusheld treatment is administered intramuscularly and its efficacy is obtained 14 days after its administration we.