That Netflix continues to be the big name of streamings for much of the world that no one can deny. But in UK, the platform already has serious competition, and we are talking about foreign streams as well as national sites. Find out more about each one now.

1. Amazon Prime Video

In the streaming market since 2006, Amazon Prime Video has been surprising its users. Yes, the Netflix catalog is still much larger, and it is quite true that Amazon’s streaming is known for having many old movies. But, for some time now, the platform has invested heavily in original content and, truth be told, the great Amazon Prime productions are not far behind when compared to the original Netflix content.

We’re talking about acclaimed (and award winning!) Series as The Boys, Good Omens, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, Jack Ryan, Tales from the Loop, Carnival Row, Modern Love, among other titles. In addition, the streaming catalog also has other productions dear to the public, such as The Office, Parks and Recreation, Community, Mr Robot , etc.

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And there is one more advantage of being a subscriber to streaming: the price. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime today for just $ 9, 90 a month. And the subscription gives you access not only to movies and series, but also to eBooks, magazines, music and other content from Amazon.

Price: R $ 9, 90
Resolution: Ultra HD 4K resolution
Simultaneous Screens: 3
Free trial period: 30 days
Catalog: More than 3. 600 titles (more than 3000 films and more than 500 series)

2 . HBO GO

That HBO is responsible for some of the best series in television history is not exactly a novelty. But the entertainment giant has also turned its efforts towards producing exclusive content for its streaming platforms. Add to that the other acclaimed series previously made for HBO channels, and we have an incredible catalog.

Game of Thrones , Westworld, Lovecraft Country, Euphoria, Parallel Worlds, The Undoing, A Teacher, 30 Monedas, Barry, The Flight Attendant, Raised by Wolves, Dexter, Nancy Drew, We Are who We Are, Normal People, Love Life, Twin Peaks, Big Little Lies, Os Sopramos and many other titles can be found in streaming; in addition to Oscar winning films and major box office hits.

The platform also features documentaries, children’s series and even adult content. The monthly subscription is R $ 34, 90.

Price: R $ 34, 90
Resolution: HD Resolution
Simultaneous Screens: 3
Free trial period: 30 days
Catalog: more than 1. 000 titles

3. Globoplay

Yes, there is Brazilian streaming in the area. And if you think that the Globoplay catalog is basically composed of old TV Globo soap operas and programs, you are very wrong! Yes, the platform has soap operas that are from the time when you were a child (or that your parents were children), but streaming also has partnerships with different studios and offers some series well known to those who enjoy the genre.

Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Homeland, Killing Eve, Chuck, The Tudors, Dexter, The Walking Dead, House, American Horror Story, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Doctor, Chicago Fire, One Tree Hill , Everybody Hates Chris, Modern Family, The Mentalist, The Handmaid’s Tale and Manifest are some of the series that we can find there. In addition to beloved productions Brazilian productions such as Vai que Cola, The Great Family, The Normals and Toma Lá Dá Cá .

Want more? Globoplay also has original content! And the highlight here goes to productions like the soap opera Orphans of the Earth , which won the International Emmy .

Price: R $ 22, 90
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD Resolution
Simultaneous Screens : 5
Free trial period: 7 days
Catalog: more than 1. 000 titles (between series, soap operas, television programs, films, miniseries, etc.)

4. Disney +

Disney + arrived in Brazil only in November 2020, but it was already expected that, in a short time, streaming will become one of Netflix’s biggest competitors. It is true that, for now, practically 80% of the catalog consists of old films, such as classic Disney productions. But the production of original content is in full swing, and that includes series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the acclaimed The Mandalorian , original films and much more, which will guarantee a rapid growth in the number of novelties.

But don’t underestimate the power of the classics as well. Entering Disney + for the first time has a different feeling, a mixture of nostalgia and pseudo-exclusivity. It is as if you finally won the key to the collection of drawings and films that were part of your childhood. And it is not for nothing. Today, Disney owns the rights to Pixar, Lucasfilm ( Star Wars ), from Marvel, Fox and National Geographic, and yes, the productions of these studios are in force there, including all the movies Star Wars and Marvel.

streaming service arrived in Brazil with a monthly subscription in the amount of R $ 27, 90, but with some different partnership options.

Price: R$27, 90
Resolution: Ultra HD 4K resolution
Simultaneous Screens: 4
Free trial period: 7 days
Catalog: about 900 titles

5. Apple TV +

Whenever a major brand advertises a streaming service, the expectation is already high. And Apple was no different; both for the weight that the name of the company already has and for the renowned artists whose involvement in the original content of the platform was announced even before its launch.

We are talking about names like Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, Sara Bareilles, Alfre Woodard, Kumail Nanjiani, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Octavia Spencer, Hailee Steinfeld, Steve Carell, Josh Gad, Ewan McGregor and Jennifer Garner.

Although recent, streaming already has productions recognized by the public and the media specialized, like the series The Morning Show, See, Dickinson, Truth be Told, The Banker, Dear , among others. The streaming fee is R $ 9, 90 .

Price: R $ 9, 90
Resolution: Ultra HD 4K resolution
Simultaneous Screens: 6
Free trial period: 7 days
Catalog: not specified

6. Looke

Also Brazilian, this streaming brings two different proposals : the monthly subscription, with guaranteed access to the main contents of the catalog (but not all), or the possibility to pay only for the contents that the user consumes. It works as follows: do you think you use the service little and prefer to pay less? Just choose to rent or buy the movie or series you want to see and pay only for that item.

The rent has different values ​​from R $ 1, 89 and allows the user to check out the movie whenever they want, as long as, after to give play, see in 48H. The purchase price starts at R $ 14, 90, but the customer will be able to check the content as many times as he wishes.

The catalog – mainly among films that can only be rented – includes several releases, in addition to great titles organized in categories such as Oscar winners, French Cinema, Independent Cinema, National Cinema, among others. The streaming also includes complete collections of renowned names such as Especial Mazzaropi, Mostra Leon Hirszman and Selection Miguel Barbieri.

Price: R$16, 90 – 1 screen / R $ 19, 90 – 3 screens / R $ 25, 90 – 5 screens
Resolution: not specified
Simultaneous Screens: up to 5 (depending on the plan)
Free trial period: 7 days
Catalog: more than 5. 000 titles

7. Viki

This streaming is for drama lovers. Although Netflix already has a significant number of productions of the genre – and even original dramas – Viki’s superiority in terms of number and variety of dramas is undeniable, and we are talking here about Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai dramas .

But let’s go to the differentials. The first is that, although it is possible to subscribe and obtain VikiPass Standard to access all content, there is also the option to create a free account and watch the dramas with some commercials while the content is streaming.

The second differential is in the platform’s resources. If you want to search for a specific actor, the page will show a profile profile of the artist and his works available on Viki. If you are in doubt about what to watch, you can check the ratings and comments of viewers in each title, with notes and other information. The site also includes news related to dramas and new episodes that are practically simultaneous with the respective countries of production.

Price: U $ 2, 99 / month – VikiPass Basic (limited content) / $ 4, 99 / month – VikiPass Standard (full catalog)
Resolution: HD Quality
Simultaneous Screens: not specified
Free trial period: 7 days
Catalog: not specified

8. Crunchyroll

Also aimed at a more specific audience, Crunchyroll is an anime streaming. And the site did not joke about service and already figures as the largest platform in Brazil for productions of the genre. Altogether, almost 700 titles are available, including original anime. And the episodes are added right after they air on Japanese television.

Attack on Titan, Bleach, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball, One Piece, One Punch Man, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Boruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Dr. Stone, Black Cover, Yuri on Ice, Fairy Tale, MobPsycho 100, Goblin Slayer and several other great titles are in the catalog .

The website also has a news page, an area all directed to games from the anime universe, a section with several manga examples, among other resources that are of great interest to those in love with this world.

Price: R $ 25 / month – 1 screen / R $ 32 / month – 4 screens and offline access
Resolution: HD Quality
Simultaneous Screens: up to 4 (depending on the package)
Free trial period: 14 days
Catalog: almost 700 titles