7 movie couples who have a huge age difference

The age difference between these couples in the cinema marked the spirits.

Couples with the big difference in age, a trend that lasts

Like video games or any other art, cinema can afford a lot of things, because they can be considered as fiction. But some things, like gratuitous or excessive violence, can still shock audiences, albeit fictitious.

This is also the case with this rather special type of couples that we are going to talk about here. It is not uncommon to see couples on screen where the two actors are separated by a big difference in age. This is the case of the seven that we are going to evoke here below, who particularly marked the spirits.

7 couples of the cinema with the enormous difference in age

Everyone will have their opinion on the significant age difference in these couples in the cinema. In 2017, actress Kaya Scodelario (The Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean) criticized this Hollywood trend.

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