15 Google Games You Can Play Just By Searching

Google games

Google allows us to easily access many classic and fun games using its search engine. These games, which many of us don’t know about, include Snake, Pac-Man and so on. In addition to these classic games, Google can also add games to the doodles it creates to commemorate specific days, people, and events. In our list of Google games, we look closely at these games that you may not even know exist.

There are many easter eggs in the Google search engine. With various search commands, we can enable the Google search page to make various movements. For example, you can open somersaults to Google by typing” do a barrel roll ” and searching. In addition, you can access many classic and custom Google games from the Google search engine.

Many classic games such as minefield, Solitaire, and so on, which we often played on our computers in the past, can be played directly from the Google search engine. In addition, there are some special and fun games added with doodles. In addition, these games can be played from the mobile Chrome app. If you are ready, let’s take a close look at our list of Google games, where we list these games together.

Google games you can play by searching from the search engine:
Flip a coin (coin)
Spinner (Wheel Rotation)
Roll a Die (roll the dice)
Minesweeper (Minesweeper)
Tic Tac Toe
Some favorite Doodle games:
Magic Cat Academy Doodle Game
Oskar Fischinger’s 117. Birthday Doodle Game
50 Of Children’s Code Writing. Year Celebrations Doodle Game
44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip Hop. Anniversary Doodle Game
Clara Rockmore’s 105. Birthday Doodle Game
Flip a coin (coin):
google coin toss

How to flip a Coin: type and search for Flip a Coin in Google. At the top of the search page, your coin toss game will open.
Although it is not exactly a game, Google’s coin toss game can become quite useful when you don’t have a coin to flip. Thanks to Flip a Coin, you may not have to go to the grocery store instead of your brother when you don’t have coins at hand.

Spinner (Wheel Rotation):
Google wheel rotation

How to open a spinner: type and search for a spinner in Google. At the top of the search page, your wheel will be ready to rotate.
Another useful game on our Google games list, Spinner, can save lives when you need to select a random number. When you open the wheel rotation game, you can choose how many numbers will be on the wheel from the menu at the top left. You can also turn your numbered wheel into a stress wheel by clicking on the button at the top right and rotate it as much as you want.

Roll a Die (roll the dice):
Google roll the dice

How to roll a Die: type and search Roll a Die in Google. You can find your dice at the top of the search page.
Roll A Die, Another “mission” game found among Google games, again runs to help when you can’t get the dice out of your pocket. Although a dice with numbers up to classic 6 meets us when you open the game as lk, we can add dice with different numbers from the submenu and create different combinations.

google Solitaire game

How to open Solitaire: type and search Solitaire in Google. Click on the Google Solitaire page at the top.
Solitaire, which we often play in our old days without the internet or in computer lessons that we are free of, can be accessed directly from the Google search engine. Solitaire is a one-man card game; although the rules are somewhat complicated, it is a game in which you can spend hours at the beginning without noticing after getting used to it.

Google Snake game

How to open Snake: type and search Snake in Google. Click the play button in the resulting image.
The indispensable of our childhood, the Snake that caused the Nokia 3310s to not fall out of our hands, that is, the snake, can be played directly from the search page with its modernized graphics. If you want to go back to the old one for a moment, you can have fun and remember the past days by simply playing Snake through Google.

Minesweeper (Minesweeper)
google minefield

How to open Minesweeper: type Minesweeper into Google and search for it. Click the play button in the resulting image.
The Minefield, which is frustrating with its difficulty and perhaps the ancestor of its tactical games, also takes its place among the classic Google games. Dec deca is very simple to play the game of Minefield, which leads to hair. When opening boxes with the left click of the mouse, you can place flags with the right click.

Tic Tac Toe
google Play XO game

How to open Tic Tac Toe: type and search tic Tac Toe in Google. The game will open directly at the top of the search page.
Tic Tac Toe, which is indispensable for boring lesson breaks, that is, the xox game as we know it; another classic game that can be played directly through the Google search engine. During this period, when we mostly work from home and attend distance learning classes, it will be quite enjoyable to play tic Tac Toe against Google every now and then Dec.

google games pac man

How to open Pac-Man: type and search Pac-Man in Google. Click the play button from the resulting image.
As we come to the end of the classics among Google games, the most prominent game among the classics is undoubtedly Pac-Man. It’s pretty simple to play Pac-Man over Google, which took us to our childhood and left us there. It’s a really nice touch to be able to access the addictive Pac-Man in a few seconds via Google, no matter where it’s been played since 1980.

Google dinosaur game

How to open Dino: copy the chrome://Dino/ link and paste it into your browser and search. On the page that opens, press Space.
Dino game, which makes us forget how time passes when we don’t have the internet, can be played even if you have the internet. After entering the link we gave above, Google will redirect you to a page that says you do not have an internet connection. You can access the Dino game by pressing the space key directly on this page. After all, since Dino is a dinosaur who doesn’t like the internet, it’s natural for the game’s start page to be like this.

Magic Cat Academy Doodle Game
Magic Cat Academy Doodle

How to open Magic Cat Academy: go to the address and enter the doodle archive. In the decoy Search section, search for the Magic Cat Academy game and select the version you want. You can open all other Doodle games in the same way.
Magic Cat Academy, first created by Google for Halloween in 2016, takes place among Google games with different section designs almost every year. In this game, where we play a cat who is a student at a magic school, we try to stop ghosts attacking us by drawing shapes with our wand. In the increasingly challenging Magic Cat Academy game, it can be quite challenging to see the final episodes.

Oskar Fischinger’s 117. Birthday Doodle Game
Oskar Fischinger doodle game

In 1924, when he lived in Germany, the famous artist Oskar Fischinger, known for his abstract designs and films, managed to create abstract music videos even when computer animations had not appeared.

Fiscchinger’s most famous work is his abstract music video Motion Painting Number 1, which he shot by synchronizing Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 with the glass he painted. In Oskar Fischinger’s Google Doodle game, we also draw certain shapes and create music tracks that play in sync with these shapes.

50 Of Children’s Code Writing. Year Celebrations Doodle Game
doodle mini coding game

Google’s 50th anniversary of children starting to write code the mini coding Doodle game, released in 2017, was very popular. This particular game can still be played today. The main goal of the game is to popularize and teach children coding. But no matter what age you are, this mini coding game allows you to have a very pleasant time with code blocks.

44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip Hop. Anniversary Doodle Game
google Doodle hip hop game

Another legendary Doodle game released by Google in 2017 is the 44th anniversary of the birth of Hip Hop. it comes across as a mini-DJ simulation that he made exclusively for the year. In this game, which puts us in place of “Oldschool” DJs who contribute to hip hop to this situation today, we head our record players and try to capture our own rhythm with the famous rhythms of the era.

Clara Rockmore’s 105. Birthday Doodle Game
Clara Rockmore theremin game on google

Clara Rockmore is one of the first female Theremin virtuosos in history. It was invented by Russian Professor Leon Theremin in 1928 and made history as the first electronic musical instrument that did not require contact when playing. Clara Rockmore, a successful violin virtuoso, soon mastered Theremin and became one of the most important female representatives of new era music. In this special Doodle game made by Google, we perform as Clara Rockmore and create our own special compositions through Theremin.

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