5 Bethesda Game comes with FPS upgrade on Xbox Series X and Series s


Bethesda’s five games feature FPS upgrades on Xbox Series S and Series X consoles. Players will now be able to play these five games at 60 FPS alongside the original frame rate.
As you know, the last hurdle to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has recently been lifted, and the European Commission has approved a $ 7.5 billion deal. In addition, many Bethesda games had begun to take their place in the Game Pass, and there were even statements that many Bethesda games could now be exclusive only to Xbox and Game Pass.

After this development, which is seen as one of the steps that will affect the future of the gaming world, Microsoft also began making its first moves, as if it wanted to prove that the best platform for Bethesda games is their platform. One of the first news to come was about five Bethesda games that will receive FPS upgrades on Xbox Series S and Series X.

Games can be played at 4K 60 FPS:
Xbox Bethesda games 60 FPS

In recent weeks, Microsoft has introduced FPS upgrades to the Xbox Series S and Series X. With this feature, it is possible to play old games at high FPS and is currently available in Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4, Sniper Elite 4, and New Super Lucky’s Tale.

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Now five Bethesda games will be added to the list. Games where players can play 4K 60 FPS with the FPS upgrade feature; Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Dishonored Definitive Edition and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Another game that will get 60 FPS support, except for these four games, is Prey, but Prey will be able to play as 1440p, not 4K. Players can play games at 60 FPS if they want, and those who want will be able to continue with the original frame rate. Players will be able to upgrade FPS in these games as of March 16.

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