35 hours: after a month of strike, garbage collectors return to work in Toulouse

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 16: 26

The 600 garbage collectors of Toulouse Métropole resumed work this Friday after one of the longest conflicts in their history. They had been on strike since 16 December to oppose the change to 35 weekly hours from January 1 imposed by the law on the transformation of the public service.

This puts an end to the practice of the garbage collectors’ “finished gone” at the end of the tour to 11 time. They will have to work 7-hour days instead of 5 on average. Estimating that this generates the equivalent of 67 more working days per year, the unions demanded 34 additional days off to compensate for the difficulty of garbage collection.

“Balanced agreement”

Toulouse Métropole offered them 9 days off then, faced with the blocking of deposits, its president Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR) announced on January 6 that he was ready to align the garbage collectors with the municipal police by granting 10 days off in addition to the 27 legal days . After the refusal of the inter-union, a compromise was found Thursday, while the garbage is piling up. In addition to the 11 days off, the metropolis has granted a reduction of 1.5 hours per day during 10 weeks in the summer, when there is less garbage to collect. This measure, which is equivalent in time to 11 days off, made it possible to resolve the conflict.

The metropolis has also granted a collective profit-sharing bonus of 300 euros per year to all garbage collectors, whereas it was 300 euros in only three depots and has undertaken to hire 27 contract workers to replace the departures at the retirement. “The agreement seems to be balanced, acceptable, if not ultra-satisfactory, estimated Nicolas Refutin (FO), spokesman for the inter-union. Our hardship is recognized and there is no loss of pay. »

Deletion of « finished gone » The metropolis is satisfied with the removal of the “finished party” which encouraged officers to collect garbage “running and hurting themselves”. “The end of the “finished party” is a positive response to the difficulty of their job, declared Jean-Luc Moudenc. This is also good news for residents, waste collection will be of better quality. »

The mayor of Toulouse also reaffirmed that “no strike day will be paid”. It now remains to pick up the 3.000 tonnes of piled up garbage, which will take several weeks, great displeasure of the restaurateurs who expressed their concern.