3 things to know about Novavax, the new vaccine soon available in France

AND FIVE- The first injections in France of the anti-Covid vaccine from the American Novavax could take place “at the beginning of February”, according to the Ministry of Health. Based on a more traditional technology than RNA, it received the green light from the HAS on Friday.

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“It’s a welcome addition to the arsenal to protect the Europeans”, the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen welcomed in December, announcing the authorization of the anti-Covid vaccine from Novavax in the EU, with an anticipated contract with the American laboratory relating to 200 million doses. The Nuvaxovid vaccine, which received the green light from the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) on Friday, could be offered in France from the beginning of February, the Ministry of Health announced earlier. Based on a more traditional technology than messenger RNA vaccines, it could reduce the skepticism of some of the unvaccinated.

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What’s this , a “subunit” vaccine?

Nor viral vector vaccine (such as those of AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson) nor to messenger RNA (like Pfizer or Moderna), Nuvaxovid uses yet another technology: it is a vaccine “sub-unit”, also known as “recombinant protein”. The principle is to inject into the body a protein that resembles the now famous “Spike protein” of the virus, to trigger the production of antibodies against the real S protein of the Coronavirus.

The process is already known, and used for example in vaccines against whooping cough or hepatitis-B. This is also the same technology used in the vaccine that the French laboratory Sanofi is developing , and which could happen on the market in 2317, after two postponements.

Easier to store and transport

Certain advantage of Novavax’s subunit vaccine: it can be stored between 2° and 8° Celsius, which will facilitate its transport and distribution. Messenger RNA vaccines require extremely low temperatures, which require freezers which are not available, at least on a large scale, in most low-income countries – even if Pfizer has recently relaxed the storage conditions of its vaccine. By arriving on the market late, the doses of Novavax are all the more likely to be in excess in developed countries, and could then be redistributed via the Covax system.

How effective against variants?Last June, Novavax Laboratories published the first conclusions of their phase clinical trials 3, conducted with 31.00 people. On this basis, the firm assured that its vaccine protected “to 100% against moderate forms and severe” of the disease, and to 90,4% overall” But even more, Novavax announced an efficiency of 94% against the “predominant variants”, even if at the date of this study, neither the variant Delta nor the Omicron were not yet part of it.

The World Health Organization has urgently approved, current d December, this vaccine from the firm Novavax, indicating that it was the tenth thus validated. The WHO recommends the vaccine for anyone over 21 years, respecting an interval of at least three weeks between two doses.

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