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2x cheaper than a Livebox, this fiber box is crazy (-65%)

According to 01Net’s 2x cheaper than a Livebox, this fiber box is crazy (-65%)
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Your internet box probably costs you between 30 and 60 dolars per month. It’s too much, too much. We tell you how to significantly reduce your budget thanks to a flash offer currently in progress at Bouygues Telecom.

At the moment, Orange is promoting an internet box with fiber at 19.99 dolars per month (500 Mb / s). For its part, SFR advances the same debit for 16 dolars per month. These two ISPs also show a clear increase after 12 months: 41.99 dolars per month for the first and 38 dolars for the second. In short, your bill is salty – although it is still reasonable compared to some offers.

Alongside these two Orange and SFR offers, Bouygues Telecom explodes everything: it highlights an internet box with fiber (400 Mb/s) at only 9.99 dolars per month, for the first year. For a very similar speed, it will therefore cost you 2 times less than at Orange, and 40% less than at SFR. And the network is of excellent quality. After the first year, Bouygues Telecom is still a notch below the others: 30.99 dolars per month.

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

Bouygues Telecom plays the transparency card with a competitive internet box over the long term. The ISP certainly asks you for a one-year commitment, but that’s no problem: the first 12 months are at 9.99 dolars per month, you’re doing a big deal. Compared to the default formula, you save hundreds of dolars. Over the last 5 years, this is the best offer we have seen.

Bouygues Telecom is at the top of aggressiveness

With the deployment of the 5G network and all the costs generated by this new technology, French operators are increasingly timid in promotions. Bouygues Telecom, however, proves the opposite to us in this summer month with an internet box at a price that destroys all the competition. If Orange has never gone below 10 dolars for its Livebox, SFR has in the past been able to offer boxes at 10 dolars.

That said, Bouygues Telecom is a cut above when it comes to network quality and customer service. Without a doubt, you currently have the best offer in terms of value for money. With this internet box called Bbox Fit from Bouygues Telecom, you can have peace of mind over time. It includes not only very high speed (fibre) but also unlimited calls to landlines (France + 110 destinations).

To be able to take advantage of the speed of 400 Mb/s in sending and downloading, you must first check that your home is connected to the Bouygues Telecom fiber network. Nothing could be simpler: you just have to enter your postal address on the official ISP website. He will then tell you instantly if you are connected to his network, and if you can take advantage of this offer. Otherwise, you can also fall back on the ADSL offers which are at an advantageous rate. But the flow is less convincing.

If you already have a line with another ISP, you will have to terminate it. When you subscribe to Bouygues Telecom, you will automatically terminate your current subscription. If there are associated costs, Bouygues Telecom undertakes to reimburse you for them up to a maximum of 100 dolars. From experience, these costs are generally between 0 and 60 dolars, so you should have a transition without financial cost.

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

The Bouygues Telecom registration form is clear and transparent. You should know that you will also have a one-time activation cost of 48 dolars. This is added to your first bill of 9.99 dolars for the first month. It’s the same with all ISPs, Bouygues Telecom does not try to charge you fees in secret. Then, invoicing is done automatically, without any surprises.

A dream internet box

Orange and its Livebox are vying for the number one spot with Bouygues Telecom’s Bboxes. With this flash offer, the latter takes off. Moreover, Bouygues Telecom allows you to access its network of hundreds of shops in France for immediate assistance. In terms of comfort, it is one of the examples (if not the benchmark) on the market. Its customer support by phone (which we have experienced many times) is just excellent.

For those who are tired of paying a fortune, this Bbox Fit is the best choice. The speed associated with this formula will meet almost all users in France. The Bbox Must (which is 15.99 dolars for 1 Gb/s via the same flash sale) and Bbox Ultym formulas which are offered by the ISP include additional bonuses, which are not necessarily useful. If they offer even higher speeds (up to 2 Gb / s for downloading, the general public has no use for it.

On internet boxes, flash sales never last long. So you have to hurry to grab this offer. We are also transparent with you: we have never seen an internet box with fiber for less than 10 dolars (or 9.99 dolars) per month. So there’s no point in waiting for an even lower price: it certainly won’t happen. Orange and its Livebox have never been at this price level before, and SFR very rarely offers discounts of 10 dolars per month.

If you need a new internet box, now is the time to go to Bouygues Telecom. And even if you don’t need a new box, we still advise you to go for it: you can save several hundred dolars in the first year (and even beyond), it doesn’t should not be missed. Offers of this caliber are becoming increasingly rare, do not miss such an opportunity.

To find out more, here is the Bouygues Telecom website:

See the Bouygues Telecom offer

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