24 Bookstagrammers You Need To Be Following If Reading Is Your Jam

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These instagrammers have A+ book recommendations!

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About Me: My name is Azanta and I’m 22 years old. I work for a small public health nonprofit in Boston but currently working from home in Florida. After work, I am often reading or working on creating content for my Instagram and TikTok. Reading is incredibly special to me. I’ve been a bookworm since I was three. After a break for college, I joined bookstagram to share my love of reading with more people and now have a lot more friends and a mountain of a TBR.

What Followers Can Expect: People who follow me can expect lots of pretty pictures about the books I’m reading and loving — mostly YA and adult fantasy and rom-coms — and honest and frank conversations about current events from time to time. Sometimes, you might find a controversial question in my stories (helpful hint to anyone on bookstagram, people are very passionate about cereal before milk) and some reels to keep you laughing. The books I read naturally tend towards BIPOC authors and Muslim authors because I’m constantly seeking representation!

A Recent Book I Loved: One of my most recent 5-star reviews was Hana Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin. I loved this book, a story about family and love and loss; resilience in the face of the obstacle that is life, down its very core, and I’m thrilled that it exists. It’s a narrative about personal lives and a story that does not just center personal pain and suffering, but rather, a fun, witty, sparkling story of a girl who has a lot of burden to shoulder while balancing drama, racism, Islamophobia, her dreams, and the restaurant owner across the street that’s starting to get under her skin.

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