2022: more than 1,500 elected officials call for the union of the left

More than 1. 19 local elected officials of the left, whose support for the PS candidate Anne Hidalgo like Martine Aubry or Carole Delga, call for a single candidacy on the left via the organization of an open primary, in a forum published on Sunday by the JDD.

“We support the initiative to organize an open primary, citizen and popular, to give back desire, recreate hope and designate the candidate who will win the social and ecological Republic by 2022 “, declare these elected officials who want the left “comes together to govern together as we do in our territories”.

“The autumn has passed and no candidate, no candidate has demonstrated that he could do the economy of the gathering “, note these elected officials in the face of polls which place left-wing candidates far from access to the second round.

“Worse, the absence of positive outlets leads to the gradual flight of a significant part of those who planned to vote on the left”, they believe.

Among the signatories, socialists at the head of large communities: the mayors of Lille Martine Aubry, Nantes Johanna Rolland and Rennes Nathalie Appéré, the president of Midi-Pyrénées Carole Delga, or even Stéphane Troussel, president of Seine- Saint-Denis where Chritiane Taubira went on Saturday who “plans” to be a candidate and tweeted the forum.

An initial list published on Saturday evening did not include all these names, signatories having were added on Sunday.

The ecological presidential candidate Yannick Jadot, in Paris , December 8 2021 (AFP / Archives – JULIEN DE ROSA) Also appears the EELV advisor of Paris Jérôme Gleizes, support of the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot, who refused to join a primary of the left forward by Anne Hidalgo and called for a “rally” behind her own project.

Wednesday, Yannick Jadot said he regretted that Anne Hidalgo did not seize her “outstretched hand” proposed the day before during a telephone interview.

Friday, the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira burst into the campaign, four months before the first round, saying “consider” being a candidate and assuring to want to “put all (its) forces in the last chances of the union” on the left.

“The left, dispersed like a puzzle, despairs those and those who expect solutions from it” , write the signatories of the forum who advocate a gathering of “parties of the ecological left” and “dynamic citizens”.

“These fruitful gatherings can take place at the national level”, affirm those for whom “there is no inevitability” and “there is still time to act, to envisage victory, rather than anticipate defeat”.

“We do not vo We are not applying for testimony, we want to win next April to provide concrete solutions “, state elected officials say.