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132,274 new cases and 94 more deaths

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The authorities of the Ministry of Health have communicated the toll of the coronavirus emergency as of 5 July, which rises by 132,274 cases and 94 deaths.

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As usual, the Ministry of Health, in concert with the Higher Institute of Health and the administrations of the individual regions, issued the coronavirus emergency report updated to 5 July. Compared to the previous day, in which 36,282 infections had occurred, 132,274 positive cases, 94 deaths and 64,828 recoveries / discharges were recorded.

They are counted +20 intensive care e +355 hospitalizations.

The number of tampons amounts to 464.732 in the last 24 hours. The rate of positivity he was born in 28.5% (+ 0.5%), yesterday it was 27.9%.

Coronavirus, today’s budget

Even today, the Ministry of Health has published on its official website the table with all the data, region by region, thanks to which the trend of the pandemic in Italy can be observed.

Covid budget 5 July 2022

With 176,157 cases currently positive, Lazio is the region with the highest number of infections. Campania follows with 142,818, Lombardy with 128,780, Sicily with 105,639 and Veneto with 84,548 currently positive.

In Tuscany there are 66,262 infected, in Puglia 64,986, in Emilia Romagna 61,341, in Piedmont 49,588, in Calabria 46,101, in Abruzzo 36,665, in Sardinia 31,156, in Liguria 18,863, in Friuli Venezia Giulia 17,315, in Umbria 17,148, in Marche 14,696, 10,096 in Basilicata, 3,823 in Molise. In the autonomous provinces of Bolzano and Trento there are 5,420 and 4,900 cases respectively.

The lowest number of people currently positive is recorded in Valle D’Aosta, with 970 cases.

The number of currently positives rises to 1,087,272, of which 1,078,946 are in home isolation. Patients hospitalized with symptoms rise to 8,003. 323 patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care.