13 people who got divorced after 10+ years of marriage share what…


They say relationships are hard work. So it’s not surprising that sometimes, people quit them.

A recent Reddit thread asked, “Couples that divorced after being married/committed to each other for 10+ years, what was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back?” The answers prove that no matter what the final straw is, ending a long-term marriage can be the best solution for all.

1. This person should be on a watch list.

As his health deteriorated his control over my actions and finances grew tighter but I told myself that it was his way of coping with his progressing disability, things in the bedroom went down hill for me (no orgasms for me for 10 years).

But what really killed it for me was when he asked me one day “In what way are you my wife?” I spoke about all the ways I cared for him and did the house work, and his response? “I could pay someone to do that for me”

That’s when I understood that he didn’t really care about me. – MrsDawgy

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