Disney Plus arrived in Brazil and we already want to know what to watch in streaming, right ?! The options are so many, that we have separated here some very specific tips on old drawings that will leave anyone enjoying that nostalgia. And look, the streaming was heavy on this issue.

1. X-Men (1992)

Who grew up in the years 1990 or 2000 I was probably looking forward to watching this drawing close to lunch. The animated series of the mutants came to be shown both on TV Colosso and on TV Globinho.

Altogether they were 76 episodes, divided into 5 seasons, that accompanied characters like Cyclops , Wolverine, Vampire, Tempest, Beast, Gambit, Jean Gray and Professor X. The series preceded the also darling X-Men: Evolution, and for its format adapted to the screens much more stories of comics than the films have already managed to bring.

2. Recreio Time (1997)

This one goes to the guys who didn’t miss an episode of Disney Club / CRUJ TV. Hora do Recreio was one of the many drawings transmitted from the fictional pirate TV commanded by Caju, Macaco, Malu and Chiclé, on SBT, between 1999 and 2005.

The drawing accompanied a group of children, who lived different adventures in their school, always at recess. In all, the series had 6 seasons and 65 episodes.

3. Spider-Man and his Friends (1981)

One of the animated series of the character that most gained popularity among fans, Spider-Man and his Friends adapted characters such as Ice Man, Loki, King of Crime for the small screens , Duende Verde, and even the X-Men, in addition to presenting an original character, the Star of Fire.

And there is one more factor that made animation so familiar to fans. . In 1984, the Marvel studio also performed the production of Caverna do Dragão , another drawing of great popularity, and several songs by Spider-Man and his Friends were also used in Dragon’s Cave .

4. The Super Ducks (1997)

In between 1998 and 2000, this was another one of the drawings that Disney Club viewers could follow on SBT. The animation accompanied a group of alien humanoid ducks. They lived on the planet Puckworld, in a parallel universe, where the practice of ice hockey was extremely popular.

After trying to fight a dangerous enemy that threatened the planet, a resistance team ends up going stop on Earth. There, they become a popular hockey team, while still trying to plan their defense against villains.

5. The Emperor’s New School (2006)

After the success of the film The New Wave of the Emperor, the Disney Channel decided to launch an animated series that accompanied more adventures of the fun characters. This time, Kusco needs to prepare to become the ruler. If he fails, Ysma may end up taking the throne,

To do so, the young king must complete the school successfully. During this period, he starts to live with Pacha’s family, and ends up having to deal with other common difficulties for teenagers.

6. DuckTales: The Adventure Hunters (1987)

“ Brazilian version: Herbert Richers ”. If you hit nostalgia just to remember that phrase, imagine reviewing DuckTales , one of the many productions that started with the announcement of the translation company in the years 1990 and 2000. The animated series was shown in Brazil both by SBT, between 1988 and 1997, and by Globo, starting from 2009.

The plot followed the adventures of Huguinho, Zezinho and Luizinho under the care of Uncle Scrooge, when Donald Duck needed to enlist in the Navy. Soon the uncle becomes attached to the amusing trio of ducklings and ends up taking them on adventures around the world, while continuing with his constant search to increase his wealth.

7. Tico and Teco: Defenders of the law (1989)

Still in the mood of “cute Disney characters going on adventures”, we need to talk about Tico and Teco: Defenders of the law . In Brazil, the cartoon was shown on TV Colosso, Xuxa Park, Angel Mix and TV Globinho, on Globo; at Disney Club, Disney CRUJ and Festolândia, at SBT; in addition to the Disney Weekend, on the closed Disney Channel. Everything there between the years 90 and the beginning of 2000.

The series accompanied the squirrels Tico and Teco when the duo decided to open a detective agency, alongside their new friends Geninha, Monte and Bzum. His specialty are crimes considered too small for the real police.

8. Jake Long – The Western Dragon (2005)

If you remember this drawing as something more recent, I am sorry to inform you that it already does 15 years that we saw Jake Long for the first time on TV Globinho. The animation follows an Asian-American teenager from 13 years old, who lives in New York.

But Jake has a powerful and mystical family secret: he can turn into a dragon, the Western Dragon. Because of that, even at a young age, he takes on the mission of helping others around the city, with the help of his friend Trixie and the dog Fu Dog.

9. Robin Hood (1973)

Disney Plus brought the complete catalog of classic Disney films, and this one is from the time when our parents took us to the video store to choose what to rent for the weekend (in VHS, of course).

A reinterpretation of Robin Hood’s tale, the animation brings a reinterpretation, with fun animals like the characters. Smart and a skilled archer, Robin Hood (a fox) and his friend João Pequeno (a bear) steal the richest in the kingdom to help the poorest, exploited by the heavy taxes charged by the tyrannical prince João. Certainly a classic worth reviewing .

10. The Goofy Gang (1992)

One of the characters most beloved Disney – and protagonist of some of the best shorts – Goofy won more adventures with the series The Gang of Goofy , shown in Brazil between 1997 and 2000, in the Disney Club and Bom dia e Cia programs, of SBT; and on the paid Disney Channel.

The animation brought several new characters to the screens, especially Max, Goofy’s son. And there were many fans who followed the fun adventures of this family. At the time, Capcom even produced a video game with the same title.

11. Mouse Detective (1986)

Mouse Detective is another one of the Disney classics that do not receive all the appreciation they deserve. This film also followed the childhood of many children who had as part of the weekend fun to go to the neighborhood VHS rental store, to choose the tapes with multicolored Disney stickers.

With a Sherlock Holmes atmosphere, the animation follows the little detective Basil, who works in London around 1897. After her father, the toy maker Flaversham, was kidnapped, the little mouse Olivia seeks out Basil to help her find him. But the clues lead to the dangerous villain Professor Ratagão, who has an evil plan behind the kidnapping.

12. The Little Mermaid – Series (1998)

After success of the film The Little Mermaid , Disney decided to launch an animated series showing more of the daily adventures of Ariel, Linguado and Sebastião before the young woman met Prince Erick and decide to move to the surface.

In all, the Disney princess starred 31 episodes divided into three seasons, which were also shown in Brazil on children’s shows Bom dia and Cia and Disney Club, from SBT; and TV Globinho, from Rede Globo. The series was also released on VHS and later on DVD.

13. Oliver and his gang (1988)

What not to love about Oliver and his gang ? The film is based on the classic Oliver Twist , by Charles Dickens, and features dubbing and songs by names like Billy Joel, Bett Midler and Huey Lewis. In this version of the famous tale, Oliver is a kitten who lives on the streets of New York, until he meets an unlikely family with a group of stray dogs.

When he ends up being adopted by a little girl, the group gradually separates. But when his new owner is kidnapped, Oliver will be able to count on his friends to save the girl.

Bonus – Disney over the decades

Disney Plus spared no effort when it comes to nostalgia. Exploring streaming has a feeling similar to a walk through our childhood. And proof of this is the section Disney Through the Decades .

Organized for decades, the section has classics such as Clock Cleaners, Ferdinando Bull, Canine Contest, Ugly Duckling, Pluto – Rescue Dog, Mickey and the Seal and several other films released in the past 76 years of the studio. Yes, this part of the catalog starts with animations from the 1920 and continues to the present day.

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