13 best gardening tools of 2021, according to experts


The first step to successful gardening is to remember that gardening is about connecting to nature, and nature is unpredictable. That’s according to Rebecca Sears, the chief gardening guru for Green Garden Products and owner of Ferry-Morse Gardening. Many people begin gardening as the weather warms up in the spring, whether that means planting flowers or growing vegetables and herbs. But gardening can be intimidating to first timers or people who’ve had bad experiences in the past. When it comes to gardening best practices, there often is no “golden rule and every plant is unique,” Sears said. “Enjoy the learning process and the highs of the harvest, and learn from the lows.”

Having said that, the right tool can go a long way in helping your gardening despite its curve balls. To give you an idea of where to get started on your own gardening toolkit, we consulted garden experts for beginner tips and recommendations for the best gardening tools to keep on hand during the growing season.

Best indoor gardening tools

You can plant seeds directly in your garden, of course, but some may benefit from starting off inside, according to Erin Benzakein, founder of Floret Flowers. Starting seeds is much easier than people think, she added. Here are a few items experts recommend.

Ezorkas Grow Light

Sears said these lights help indoor seedlings get the light they need to grow healthy and strong without becoming “leggy,” or floppy to the point that they’re falling over. Grow lights also prevent plants from reaching for a light source that’s far away. This grow light has a 4.7-star average rating from over 24,000 reviews on Amazon. It clips onto tables and countertops, and you can program it to automatically turn on and off at certain points throughout the day. It utilizes a red and blue LED light combination.

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